Data and Communications

At Andrews Smart Homes, we know that having a well-connected home with consistent high-speed internet access is as vital for the modern home as electricity or running water. We have come to depend on it for communicating with friends and family, to catch up on TV, to monitor the security of our homes, and so much more – making it extremely frustrating when it doesn’t work.

Always Keeping You Connected

This necessity for reliable and efficient wired and wireless networks is the reason that our data and communications systems are the backbone of our Smart Home Solutions. From TV On Demand to a complete system that allows all your services to be available around your home – and shared between rooms – our installations use the very latest technology to ensure you always stay connected.

Discreet Installations

Using a discreet centralised hub and structured cabling, we will integrate and connect all your internet, communication, entertainment, computer and security systems. We will distribute them throughout your property without the need for unsightly cables and wires that spoil the décor of your home. This includes everything from telephones, laptops and TV’s to games consoles, music and CCTV security.

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Benefits of our systems:

  • Complete network for wireless and hardwired technology
  • Hardwired network for areas where there is inadequate Wi-Fi coverage
  • Access points installed to boost Wi-Fi coverage and ensure continuous data roaming
  • Alleviates streaming and buffering problems when browsing the internet or watching TV on demand
  • One central hard drive for all your services
  • Ability to back up music, TV and film libraries and playlists
  • Equipment is discreet and out of sight
  • Multi-media systems can be enjoyed throughout your home without the need for cables and wires

Andrews Smart Homes aim to ensure you always have seamless network roaming and secure data access without any connection losses, no matter where you are in your home. If you would like more information or advice on data and communication networks, please call or email team today.



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