Multi-Room Audio & Video Distribution

Multi-room audio and video distribution from Andrews Smart Homes gives you a number of options for how you listen to your music and watch your movies. Our systems allow you to store and access all your media, including music, Blu Rays and DVDs on one central server. You can play the same music throughout your home or different music in several rooms simultaneously.

We design and install the very best in multi-room audio and video systems, intelligently automating your music and multimedia devices, so that you can just press play and start listening to your favourite songs or watch TV in any part of your home.

How Does a Multi-Room Audio System Work?

These innovative systems can play music from your own personal music collection, be it CD, vinyl or iTunes, by streaming music through an app such as Spotify or Deezer, or you can tune into a countless number of internet radio stations.

Multi-room audio allows your music to follow you from room to room, so you can have your desired playlist on whilst cooking dinner in the kitchen and continue listening whilst you eat in the dining room, for example.

Multi-Room Video Systems

Whatever your requirements, our multi-room video systems enable you to view different multimedia devices at the same time on different TV’s throughout your home, incorporating satellite boxes, Blu Ray players, games consoles and CCTV security.

Custom Design!

We pride ourselves on our outstanding discreet installation work, designed with the music system built into the walls or ceilings of the house, so that there are no bulky speakers taking up space or spoiling your décor.

In fact, as multi-room audio systems are usually wireless, the speakers can be integrated into your home, allowing music to be distributed throughout your rooms, without the need for unsightly wires. Should you choose to have freestanding speakers, we can also provide portable speakers too that offer the same setup, such as Sonos or Bose sound link.




Full Control at The Touch of a Button

Our systems enable you to have full control of your music or films with either a keypad or an app on your smart phone or tablet. You can browse your music, change from CD to radio, turn up the volume, skip songs, or pause the track all from one control panel. All your music can be placed on a central hard drive that is accessed as and when you want it.

Should you choose to combine your multi-room audio system with a high definition video system, you will also be able to keep all your films and TV libraries on this central hard drive too.

What Multi-Room System Should I buy?

At Andrews Smart Home, we supply and install multi-room audio systems and video distribution by top brands such as Sonos, Pioneer, Panasonic and Bose. We can advise which system would be perfectly suited to your home, taking into consideration size, price. music service compatibility and technical features required – whatever you are looking for we have the perfect solution for you.

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